Monday 28 February 2011

Cnc Routing

Well peeps today wasn't a bad day as completed a couple of more jobs and got my head around enroute4 a little bit more.

Had some customers visit today which seemed promising and may lead to more work.

Well tomorrow is on the road day drumming up business, and sending out some completed jobs. The new Cnc Router is working well.

Bye for now


CNC Routing

Sunday 27 February 2011

CNC Routing

Well Monday and its been quiet bar a few quotes and pick up of a pallet of goods. Won one job and hopefully will pick up some more. Must get some material in morning for new job and order some from another supplier.

Will keep on with the blog and let you know how things are going.

CNC Routing

Be happy.


Saturday 26 February 2011

Starting Out

Well hello everyone I have started on a new journey that will hopefully work out. Finally after talking about it for the past 10 years I have got off my butt and opened up my own Plastic Fabrication & CNC Routing business.
 Have been trading for 3 weeks now and am actually making some money, can see now why it's not everybodies cup of tea. The stress of when the next job is coming is enourmous. Saying that I have finished spending for all the start up costs. Now I have the capability of Plastic Fabrication as well as CNC Routing. Well will keep it short and sweet and keep you guys and gals posted of how we are doing,

Bye for now.